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Office 365

Office 365


  • The Admin Centre
  • Installs vs web Apps
  • Opening Apps
  • Basic Settings
  • The Home Screen

The Cloud

  • The OneDrive Desktop App
  • Sharing Files with Others
  • Retrieving Files from OneDrive
  • Saving to the Cloud
  • Welcome to OneDrive

Emails and Organisation

  • Tasks
  • Planner
  • People
  • Calendar
  • Outlook and Email

Apps & Programs

  • Downloading App Store Content
  • Office 365 Integration Overview
  • Word and Office 365 Overview
  • PowerPoint and Office 365 Overview
  • Excel and Office 365 Overview

Communication & Collaborative Tools

  • Sway
  • Delve
  • Yammer
  • Newsfeed

Skype for Business

  • Communicating with Contacts
  • Exploring Skype


Getting Started with OneNote 2016

  • What is OneNote?
  • Opening a OneNote notebook and touring the interface
  • Changing notebook properties and closing
  • Creating and deleting notebooks
  • Creating, moving, and deleting sections
  • Working with pages and subpages
  • Creating a note on a page
  • Renaming a notebook

Creating and Adding Content

  • Sending content to OneNote
  • Copying and pasting content
  • Sending screen clippings to OneNote
  • Adding pictures
  • Recording audio and video
  • Adding files
  • Adding symbols

Formatting Notes

  • Formatting text
  • Borrowing formatting with the Format Painter
  • Using bullets and numbering
  • Using styles from the quick gallery
  • Checking spelling and grammar

Viewing and Organizaing Information

  • Formatting text
  • Borrowing formatting with the Format Painter
  • Using bullets and numbering
  • Using styles from the quick gallery
  • Checking spelling and grammar

Working with Templates

  • Using templates
  • Saving as a template
  • Choosing a default template

Formatting Pages

  • Setting paper size
  • Adding a background graphic

Working with Tables in OneNote

  • Creating a table
  • Working with rows and columns
  • Formatting tables and data
  • Converting tables to Excel spreadsheets

Using Writing Tools

  • Working in Pen mode
  • Converting handwriting to typed text
  • Manipulating written notes and drawings
  • Inserting typed or written math equations

Interacting with Outlook

  • Inserting Outlook meetings
  • Sending page information by email
  • Working with Outlook tasks

Sharing a Notebook

  • Saving to other formats
  • Exporting OneNote content to PDF or XPS
  • Saving to OneDrive
  • Inviting others and syncing notebooks
  • Sharing and syncing a new notebook

Collaborating on a Notebook

  • Knowing who wrote what with author indicators
  • Seeing past versions quickly with versioning

Modifying OneNote Options

  • Setting display options
  • Changing email options
  • Password protection
  • Setting backup options

One Drive

Getting Started

  • Sign in, access and navigate OneDrive
  • Sync with OneDrive client app

Work with files and folders

  • Upload files via the web
  • Upload via the OneDrive client app
  • Organise files and folders
  • Rename, cope and download files
  • Delete and recover files
  • Search your files

Use OneDrive with Office

  • Save an Office file online to OneDrive
  • Use OneDrive with desktop Office
  • Restore a file to a previous version

Collaborate with Others

  • Share files and use an expiring link
  • Work simultaneously with a co-worker


Getting Started with SharePoint

  • The basics of SharePoint
  • Log in to SharePoint
  • Understand your SharePoint permissions

Work with SharePoint Sites

  • Navigate and browse in SharePoint Online
  • View all site content
  • Search in SharePoint online
  • Edit your profile
  • Find and follow a site
  • Post news
  • Page features
  • Check the communicate site

Edit and Save Documents

  • Navigate in a library
  • Document storage locations: The basics
  • Open and edit an Office document
  • Co-author a document
  • Save a document in a library
  • Create and upload a document in a library
  • Use Quick Edit to enter metadata
  • Use Check Out and Check In

Share and Sync Documents

  • Share a file, library or site
  • Open, save and share documents in OneDrive for Business
  • Sync OneDrive to your computer
  • Sync with Files On-Demand
  • Sync a document library to your computer
  • Delve into settings

Work with List Apps

  • Use a list app
  • Add a built-in app to your site
  • Ways to create lists in SharePoint Online
  • Export a list from Excel

Go Mobile with SharePoint Online

  • Open a SharePoint site on a mobile device