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Telephone Etiquette and Techniques

Course Duration
7 hours
Course Reference Number
Funding Validity Period
Till  06 Jun 2020
Mode of Training

 Course Overview & Objective

Love the phone or hate it, it is becoming clear that it is the way to do business and it is here to stay. As the telephone is widely used in business, it is important that we excel in areas of telephone communication. Being able to handle telephone calls efficiently and effectively will enhance not only your own image but also the image of your organisation.
This course focuses on helping working professionals with the essential skills in handling telephone calls professionally, confidently and effectively. It also provides you with the techniques on dealing with the common types of difficult customer situations that you come across in your daily encounters with them.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • determine how callers measure your service and what it takes for you to do your job professionally
  • demonstrate the 2Vs to project a professional image of yourself and enhance the caller’s confidence in you
  • use the appropriate phrases in a telephone call
  • apply the techniques to handle various difficult caller situations
  • demonstrate proper telephone etiquettes to enhance your image and that of your organisation

Course Outline

Customer Service Basics

  • Understand what it takes to do your job professionally
  • Service as defined by customers

You As The Communicator

  • Managing your voice
  • Use professional service language
  • Use of questions
  • Use of empathic listening – levels of listening

The Structure of a Telephone Call

  • The phases of a telephone call

Develop Telephone Etiquette to Project a Professional Image

  • Projecting yourself
  • Put customer on hold
  • Making an outgoing call
  • Terminating a call

Techniques in Handling Different Difficult Situations

  • The approach to dealing with angry callers
  • Ways to interrupt a talkative caller to refocus him/her on the issue
  • The different methods of saying “No” when it is just not possible to accede to their requests
  • Ways to get callers to work with you towards your proposed solutions

Training Delivery and Methodology

Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of reflection and group discussions, activities related to learning points, role-play and lectures.

Who Should Attend

Those who have to handle customers over the phone regularly.

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