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Reporting with Pivot Table and Pivot Chart – Eagle Infotech Consultants
Eagle Infotech Consultants
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Reporting with Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

Course Duration
8 hours
Course Objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to use Excel to transform transactional data into summary reports.
Target Audience
This course is intended for participants who need to master the various commands available in Microsoft Excel’s PivotTable and PivotChart in order to summarise, analyse and create reports.Course Outline
  • Managing the Underlying Data
  • Creating, modifying a Pivot Table
  • Summarizing data by using summary functions other than SUM, such as COUNT or MAX
  • Showing data as a percentage of the total by using a custom calculation
  • Creating your own formula inside a PivotTable report by using a calculated field
  • Modifying the data source and refresh the Pivot Table
  • Filtering, sorting data in a Pivot Table
  • Automatically group data to view a quarterly summary instead of a daily summary in a Pivot Table
  • Manually group data and rename groups
  • Comparing values inPivot Table to show Year-Over-Year Percentage Change
  • Creating Pivot Table using MS Query
  • Creating Pivot Chart
  • Improving the Pivot Chart presentation
  • Creating multiple Pivot Chart quickly
  • Printing Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
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