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Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel 2013

Course Duration
16 hours

Course Reference Number

Funding Validity Period
Till  12 Mar 2020

Mode of Training

Course Synopsis

Financial models are required when users need to find solutions where the variables exist under conditions of uncertainty. This course will build on the basic knowledge of the participants to formulate more complex Excel spreadsheets. Participants will first be introduced to the conceptual framework surrounding the creation of financial models. They will then be taught the various advanced functions and tools available in Microsoft Excel that are commonly used when creating financial models.

Assumed Knowledge
In order for participants to get the full benefits of attending this course, a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required. Participants must be familiar with:

  • The Excel screen, menus and toolbars
  • Formatting of data (changing alignments, font type, size, colour, date and number formats, etc.)
  • Creating formula and using basic functions
  • Using relative and absolute referencing in formulas and functions

Training Methodology
This course will be conducted in an interactive and hands-on manner. Numerous practical exercises will be provided by the instructor to illustrate and reinforce the various topics covered. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop practical skills in formulating financial models that they can use in their workplace.

Course Content

Basics of Modelling

  • What is Modelling
  • Principles of a good spreadsheet design
  • Development of financial model
    • Specification & planning
    • Design
    • Testing & documentation
    • Implementation
    • Housekeeping

Advanced Excel Functions

  • IF & Nested IF Statements
  • Lookup functions
  • Data validation
  • Range names
  • Data Tables
  • Scenario Manager
  • Goal Seek
  • Solver
  • File and worksheet protections
  • Pivot Tables

Types of Models

  • Financial statement models
  • Sensitivity analysis models
  • Investment models
    • Understand what are Discounted Cash Flows (DCF)
    • Existing Financial functions in Excel
    • Estimating of cash flows

Course Fees 

Course Fee GST Fee incl. GST
$630 $44.10 $674.10
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