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Effective Data Analysis Skills using MS Excel – Eagle Infotech Consultants
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Effective Data Analysis Skills using MS Excel

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, participants will be able to use Excel tools effectively to produce spreadsheet solutions.
Target Audience
This course is aimed at participants who need to manage and perform statistical analyse of data using Microsoft Excel.
Course Outline


  • Overview of Excel tables
  • Format as Excel Table
  • Managing data in an Excel table
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Formatting table data
  • Inserting and deleting table rows and columns
  • Using a calculated column
  • Displaying and calculating table data totals
  • Overview of Conditional Formatting
  • Creating a conditional format based on cell content
  • Creating a conditional format using formula to determine which cell to format
  • Editing the Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Deleting the Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Using Scenarios to consider many different variables
  • Using Goal Seekto find out how to get a desired result
  • Use Data Tables to see the effects of one or two variables on a formula
  • Project backward for more variables by using the Solver Add-in
  • Using Regression Analysis Tool in the Analysis ToolPak Add-in