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Business Communication via Emails & Letters

Course Duration
7 hours
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Funding Validity Period
Till  11 Dec 2020
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How To Connect Your Readers With The Right Messages

Communication is an important aspect of a business organisation and it deserves proper handling; for that reason, it is important to understand how people relate and talk to one another.
Most business communication is of a non-verbal type such as e-mails or letters with no spoken words or feedback and body language to fall back on. Hence, this course is designed to provide participants with the fundamental concepts of modern business writing so that the message will create a positive response from the intended audience.


Why are good writing skills important in business?

  • Reasons to improve your business writing skills
  • Barriers to excellent writing skills

Purpose of written communication

  • Why planning and preparation are important
  • Some basic reasons you may send written communications

Audience Analysis

  • How to structure and layout your correspondence

Writing good English

  • Grammar tips
  • How to use punctuation
  • How to use a good vocabulary

Guidelines for good writing

  • How to use short sentences, avoid wordiness and ambiguity
  • How to use an appropriate tone and be precise
  • How to check consistency


  • The basic tools of proofreading
  • What to check for
  • Tips and common mistakes

Persuasive communication

  • How to ask for something
  • What business clichés to avoid
  • How to offer solutions and incentives
  • Turning bad news into good news
  • Use of appropriate and positive language

E-mail Etiquette

  • The Do’s & Don’ts of E-mail Etiquette
  • The professional image: looking good online
  • CC and BCC
  • Italics
  • Avoiding E-mail abuse

This course is for administrative and secretarial staff who wish to employ more effective writing skills in the office.

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